Sedation for Radiologic Procedures

 Sedation services at Norton Children’s Hospital and Norton Children’s Medical Center are provided for a variety of tests and procedures performed in our sedation suites. Most commonly these include MRIs, CTs and other radiological imaging studies including ultrasound and interventional radiology procedures. At Norton Children’s Hospital and at NCMC, patient rooms, imaging suites, X-ray machines, CT scanners and MRI machines are all specially designed for children. Children and families are guided through their visit by a specially trained pediatric sedation team, which includes a sedation nurse and a nurse practitioner who are overseen by a pediatric anesthesiologist. Sedation is achieved using state of the art medications and delivery models allowing children to have a more ‘natural sleep’ state typically not requiring general anesthesia or a breathing device. In many cases, for younger children, sedation is given by nose drops, which avoids the distress of having an intravenous catheter placed for the procedure.

Highlight of Intranasal Dex study presentation, April 2010

“Kindler gentler” sedation approach presented at Society of Pediatric Anesthesia Annual Meeting

B Greenberg MD, J Schoonover NP, K Jedlicki NP, A Graf NP, E. Overbey MD, S Auden MD. Intranasal Combination Dexmedetomidine and Midazolam for Pediatric Procedural Sedation: A New and Palatable Approach. (Presented at SPA meeting in San Antonio, Texas, April, 2010).