Patient Comments

“This was the most pleasant surgery I have experienced with Xavier. He had hernia surgery in Florida at a regular hospital and I am amazed at what a difference a ‘kids’ only location makes!”

“Our experience from start to finish could not have been any better! We greatly appreciate the nurses, surgeon and anesthesiologist stayed in contact with us throughout the procedure to keep us informed. It greatly helped to calm our nerves.”

“Our anesthesiologist was exceptional. He took the time out to explain the procedure and put my son at ease.”

“Our anesthesiologist carried Keaton to the OR and was heard playing with him easing his fears. AWESOME!”

“Excellent anesthesiologist. He suggested a nerve block in my son’s arm and I think that helped tremendously.”

“We REALLY liked our anesthesiologist. He was so compassionate and seemed to have a genuine love for little ones.”

“Overall our experience was excellent. We felt like everyone was there just for us. Made us feel special.”