Medications Before Surgery

Most medications are important to continue prior to surgery while a few are best held the morning of, or sometimes even further in advance of surgery. The following is a general guide towards medication management in relation to specific conditions. It is always a good idea to consult with your child’s pediatrician or specialist prior to surgery.

Heart medicines

It is important to consult your pediatric cardiologist regarding medicine management prior to surgery. Most medicines should be continued up to the day of surgery.  Medicines in the ACE-inhibitor class (medicine names ending in ‘–pril’ such as enalapril or captopril etc.) should be held the night before and the morning of surgery unless instructed otherwise by your pediatric cardiologist.

Asthma medicines

We ask that you continue all regular asthma medicines through the morning of surgery. Inhalers and nebulized treatment should be continued as usual and pills may be taken with a small sip of water (this does not affect the food restriction guidelines). The goal is to have the patient be in the most optimal condition prior to surgery and controlling their asthma is an important part of having a safe and healthy visit to Norton Children’s Hospital.

Diabetes medicines

Each diabetic child’s medicine and insulin requirements are unique. Please consult with your pediatric endocrinologist for specific instructions on how to manage these treatments prior to surgery.

Seizure medicines

Seizure medicines should be continued through the morning of surgery and may be taken with a small sip of water in necessary (this does not affect the food restriction guidelines).